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What if just an hour of your time could help you add thousands of dollars to your bottom line this year?

Right now, over 100 million potential buyers of products and services like yours are just a click away. Buyers now spend over $60 billion a year on eBay worldwide and I can show you how to tap into this huge marketplace today.

eBay can help you increase profits right away

Why should your business be on eBay? With almost no start up costs, eBay can help you expand your business to an international market. In this age of e-commerce, there is no reason to rely just on neighborhood customers to drive your sales – you need to get online in this competitive marketplace and eBay makes it easy to get started right away.

eBay helps solve critical business challenges

Shelves stocked with out of date merchandise could be a thing of the past. eBay solves many retailer challenges, providing a faster, more profitable sales channel for slow-moving, off-season, returned, and excess inventory. Let me show you how eBay can help you overcome these challenges.

I can teach you everything you need to succeed on eBay

As a Certified Education Specialist, I have been trained by eBay to show you how you can turn excess merchandise into a vital source of revenue.

During my initial visit I will:

  • Help you identify what items will be the most profitable on eBay
  • Explain the eBay tools available to help you sell more efficiently
  • Give you examples of other retailers who have expanded their business using eBay
  • …and much more.
This is an incredible opportunity for your business

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