eBay Training Testimonials

We could have used more time with Robin. She is experienced and personality is awesome.

Robin is very knowledgeable and shares ideas and information freely.

Robin is patient, knowledgeable and very real. I enjoyed her course.

Thanks so much for your time and great input. I am anxious to get started on implementing many of your suggestions. – Pamela M.

Robin is very knowledgeable and experienced in the use of eBay. I enjoyed the class and was put at ease by her patience. – Beverly P.

Very informative class, well organized and professionally presented. – Greg G.

Very good class. Robin took the time to look at pictures of items I thought I might sell and gave me suggestions on making them better. Very thorough for a beginner who wants to start selling. Excellent Teacher. – Jessie B.

Friendly, honest, evidently hard-working. Generous with out of class support. Knowledgeable; experienced in selling and technology aspects. – Jeanne S.

Robin Hyett was a very impressive instructor. Her knowledge of eBay was very helpful. She was able to combine book learning with personal experience, which helped liven up the class! – Rich. S.

Robin kept the class light and enjoyable with plenty of interactive participation. – Carol K.

Class is well organized and instructor is well prepared with excellent delivery. – Marques Q.

Easy to understand, very pleasant. – Agotha S.

Great Class! – Celest T.

Good handouts, Information helpful. – Elmira S.

Robin Hyett is an excellent teacher. She is patient and speaks very well on all information. I do appreciate her. – Marilyn S.

Everything was presented clearly. – Jodi F.

This was a very good class! – Connor P.

Can I take you home until I get set up? – Sue B.

Enjoyed & will sign up for further classes! – Kate R.

My instructor, Robin Hyett, did a great job in presenting. She gave examples for different instances and all questions were answered. – Charlotte Z.

Robin is very personable and helpful. – Kerri C.

Knowledgeable and personable – Answered all questions – Patient with those who needed more help. – Fran F

I am more confident to buy and sell on eBay after taking the class. Robin, our instructor, provided clear instruction and allowed time for all our questions. – Eric R.

The teacher Robin Hyett, was very good as to taking time with us and making sure you understood. Thanks! – Brad S.