Basics of Selling on eBay

Have a professional teach you the right way to sell on eBay. Training delivered by Education Specialists uses the most up-to-date training and student material – the same ones used by eBay University so you know you’re learning to make the most of eBay to increase your revenue.

The training will teach you how to:

      • Do research and create Listings that will attract buyers
      • Enhance listings with better descriptions and photography
      • Set pricing that will maximize your profits
      • Open and use a Paypal account to simplify getting paid
      • Monitor sales to know exactly what’s working and what’s not
      • Avoid many of the costly mistakes that new eBay sellers may make

Getting Started Selling on eBay

      • Introduction to eBay
      • Safety Nets
      • Setting Up an Account
      • Registering on eBay
      • Adding a Seller’s Account
      • Researching the eBay Marketplace
      • Select an Item to Sell
      • eBay Listing Policies
      • Restricted Items
      • Description and Photos
      • Creating Digital Pictures
      • Digital Cameras
      • Examples of Bad Photography
      • Transfer Pictures Editing Photo Files
      • Pricing Strategies
      • PayPal
      • Descriptive Title
      • A Good Description
      • Packaging and Weighing
      • Pricing and Duration
      • Payment Methods
      • Shipping Options
      • Return Policy
      • Completing the Sale
      • Monitoring the Sale
      • After the Listing Close

PLUS… many tips and tricks that I’ve learned from selling on eBay since 2001!

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