eBay Stores

Have a professional teach you the right way to create your own eBay Store. Your Education Specialist uses the most up-to-date training and student materials so you know you’re learning to make the most of eBay to increase your revenue.

eBay Stores 101

      • Why Should ¬†You Open an eBay Store?
      • Quick Store Setup
      • Managing Your Store
      • Customizing Your Store
      • Listing Your Items
      • Promoting Your Store

Optimizing Your eBay Store

      • Customize Your Store
      • List for Success
      • Explore Advanced Navigation Options
      • Optimize Inventory Management
      • Tracking Your Store’s Performance
      • Maximize Reporting Resources

How to Market Your eBay Store Effectively

      • Seeing the Full Potential of Marketing
      • Effective Techniques
      • Smart Marketing Tactics
      • Additional Online Marketing Strategies
      • Offline Marketing Tactics

Understanding Your Business With eBay Stores Traffic Reporting

      • How to Access Your Traffic Report
      • Traffic Reports
      • Path Reports
      • Bidding and Buying Reports

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